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Telangana Rythu Vedika Scheme 2021: Apply Online, Benefits & Features

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India is an influential agricultural powerhouse across the world. Its backbone is farmers and all related farm labourers. Like all other sectors, the agricultural landscape also faces decades of problems and unforeseen challenges. Those reforms are very important for the country at this time.

Telangana State Government has created a new platform. It is known as Rythu Vedika. This platform will help the farmers to provide higher returns for their agricultural produce. It is an online platform that is very helpful for farmers. In today’s article, we will give you all the important information related to this online platform. It has been started by the concerned officials of the Telangana government. First of all, in this article, you will be given information about the objectives of this scheme. After that, we will also tell you about its various benefits, features, etc. Along with this, here you will also be given information related to the eligibility criteria of this scheme. Finally, in this article, we will also provide you with the application process and official contact details of this scheme.

The honorable Chief minister of Telangana state Mr Chandrasekhar Rao

Rythu Vedika Scheme

The Rythu Vedika scheme was launched by the concerned authorities of the Telangana state. This scheme will aim towards addressing the issues of farmers. It is specifically to help the farmers of the Telangana state. The chief minister of the Telangana state has launched the Rythu Vedika scheme. It was launched on 31st October 2020 at Kodakandla Mandal headquarter in town. It is situated in the Jangaon district. This scheme is to assist the farmers of the state. Resulting in an increased crop returns for the farmers. It will provide them with a united platform. The state is ambitious towards constructing many Rythu Vedikas in the state. This will help the farmers a lot. The farmers of the state of Telangana are enthusiastically appreciating this step.

Goals of Rythu Vedika Scheme

One of the most prominent goals of the Rythu Vedika scheme is to bring the farmers together. This scheme will provide them with a lot higher returns against their crop. It will really help the farmers who are struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic. Previously the farmers did not have a single platform. They are in high need of such a place where they can discuss their issues. This scheme is to provide them with this stage. Furthermore, the Telangana state is the only state who directly purchases grains of the farmers. Consequently, they will be benefited a lot in the long run. Rythu Vedika will work to provide remunerative prices to the farmers. It will also work to organize the farmers into a group. Moreover, it will help them to get better marketing facilities, higher productivity. As a result, the state will achieve its ultimate objective of making agriculture profitable.

Details of Telangana Rythu Vedika Scheme 2021

Name Telangana Rythu Vedika Scheme
Launched by Telangana Government
Objective Providing high returns
Beneficiaries Farmers of the state
Official site

Benefits of Rythu Vedika Scheme

There are several benefits of the Telangana Rythu Vedika scheme. The list of all the benefits is as follows.

  • The Rythu Vedika scheme is aiming to help the farmers to raise their voices. They can collectively seek remedial action regarding their issues.
  • This scheme will provide them a platform to organize themselves into mobilizing groups.
  • The beneficiaries of this scheme will become able to gain higher crop prices. Moreover, they will create an inclusive market environment with better facilities.
  • Along with that, the farmers will become able to increase their farm production. Consequently, they will have a better future in farming.
  • This scheme will function as a platform for farmers to come together and help each other. They will be able to discuss and resolve their problems.
  • These platforms will provide opportunities for farmers to sell their products and implement their plans.
  • The farmers will receive protection of their rights through this scheme. They can now ask for their rights and perform their duties as well.

Implementation of Telangana Rythu Vedika Scheme

The major features of the implementation of the Telangana Rythu Vedika scheme are as follows.

  • The Government of Telangana State has determined to construct 2,601 Rythu Vedika in the State.
  • Out of these, the work of making about 1,580 Rythu Vedika was accomplished by 30 October 2020.
  • The Telangana government has fixed a total cost of Rs 572.22 crore on this construction work. Out of which they will spend about 22 lakh rupees in the construction of Rythu Vedikas.
  • Out of this fixed total cost, the Agriculture Department of Telangana State is going to provide a huge amount of 12 lakh rupees.
  • MGNREGA funds will provide the rest 10 lakh rupees as the cost of the remaining construction work.
  • Apart from all this, the government is intending to construct 2 rooms and 2 toilets in each Rythu Vedika. The area of a Rythu Vedika will be approximately 2046 square feet.
  • Telangana government is also going to provide electricity and water connection to all Rythu Vedika.
  • The Mission Bhagiratha of Telangana State will do the work of providing tap water in these Rythu Vedikas.
  • Out of a total of 2601 Rythu Vedika, 2462 will be constructed in rural areas and the rest of the 139 will be constructed in urban areas.
  • An Agriculture Extension Officer will manage each of these clusters. Apart from this, the government will provide audiovisual systems in these centers soon. All the necessary staff will work together here.
  • In addition, we are happy to share that many donors are enthusiastically participating in this work. The donors are taking responsibility for the construction of 24 buildings.
  • Also, the donors are giving land for the construction of 139 buildings.

Eligibility criteria

There are some eligibility criteria set for the beneficiaries. You can only avail of the benefits under the Rythu Vedika scheme if you fulfill all these eligibility criteria. The various decided criterion are as below.

  • First of all, the applicant has to be a permanent resident of the Telangana state.
  • After that, you must be a farmer by profession to be eligible for this scheme.
  • Moreover, you need an active bank account to avail the benefits of this scheme.
  • Lastly, you need a mobile number. It should also be in working condition.

The application procedure of the Telangana Rythu Vedika Scheme

If you find yourself eligible for this scheme and willing to apply for it. You can do so by following these easy steps. So, kindly go through this procedure.

  • So, first of all, visit the official website of the Telangana government.
  • You will see the main user interface of the government portal.
  • The official website of the Telangana government.Next, you need to go to the option for an online application.
  • A new window will appear on your screen. This is nothing but the online application form.
  • Now you have to fill in all the required details in this form. These will include the applicant’s name, father or husband’s name, date of birth, gender, caste, and some other information.
  • After that, you can upload the documents.
  • Finally, click on ‘submit’ to complete the registration process.
  • You have now successfully applied for the scheme.

Documents required for the Rythu Vedika scheme

If you are applying for the Rythu Vedika scheme you will need the following documents. You will need to attach them along with your application. These documents are important for the authorities to verify your identity. Kindly make sure to upload all the required documents carefully. Any mistake might result in the cancellation of your application. The list of required documents is as follows.

  • Applicant Resident Address Proof
  • Land Documents
  • Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Details
  • Aadhaar Card

Contact Details

In the above article, we have provided you with all the relevant information. However, if you still face any issues you can visit the official website of the Telangana government.

Official website–

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