Shillong TEER Common Hit Number 2022 Today 99 to 100% Sure

In our previous post, we provided the information on Shillong TEER Result 2022. But Today we have to talk about the Shillong TEER Common Hit Number 2022 Today. And you can also get the Target Hit Number (Dream Number) on thFis page. So guys if you are playing this Shillong TEER Lottery game then it’s articles only for you. We know that most people are disappointed every time because of a lack of knowledge or not knowing how to play then don’t worry this article is for you. Basically, we are going to tell you how to guess Lucky Number for Shillong Teer First and Second rounds. The Shillong TEER Result game was played in Meghalaya in both Morning and Evening. That means the results are also released separately. Keep reading this article to the end grab the detail about this. 

Shillong TEER Common Number Today

In this part, we will share some facts regarding the Shillong Teer Common Number tomorrow. So Shillong Teer common number and Shillong Teer Target numbers are the same. And these numbers are pretended to be lucky numbers and can be grabbed from Shillong Teer Previous Results List. Now users avoid worrying about the daily target numbers of TEER Shillong because we are solved this problem. At the current time, various website on the Internet claims they have given 100% TEER target hit numbers. Moreover, you can also use join the Facebook groups, Telegram channels, and WhatsApp groups that provide Shillong Teer Common Numbers.Shillong TEER Common Number 2022 Today

But guys we have also told you It totally depends upon your luck. if you are really lucky for the day, you might guess the right Shillong TEER Hit Number Today 99% to 100% Sure. Else you may lose your important money or time. I m really indicating to you, that you only bet on the Shillong Teer lottery game if you are able to lose your money without facing any problem.

Today’s Shillong TEER lucky Target number

As we know that by using this article we have mentioned with you the Direct Numbers, Hit Numbers of Shillong Teer along with houses and endings. And we have also provided the formula which really helps you to crack today’s Shillong Teer game. You can also get the Teer Shillong Target Numbers. Shillong Block Numbers (24, 25, 66, 96), these numbers are mined only on certain calculations. But guys right now we can’t provide updates on TEER of Shillong’s morning and night numbers. Otherwise, you can check the Shillong TEER Dream Number for more accuracy of your Target Numbers. the Teer association does not provide any fake results.

Shillong TEER 2022 Dream Number

  • First, This game is only for 18+ candidates. And this game more deeply unless it will be hard for them to win the Shillong Teer Result game and guess the Shillong Teer Target Numbers (Code Number).
  • All the beginner players of Meghalaya TEER do have not to spend huge money on betting numbers.
  • So always try to give a Hit on numbers that are very confirmed or match with your Shillong night dream objects.
  • Every TEER player must know the special events or dates for the assumption of numbers related to events.
  • Now before betting on the Shillong TEER Target, Kindly check the common numbers from our website.

Note – Players of the Meghalaya TEER can check other games like Shillong Teer Morning before betting on Shillong Evening Teer

Dream Number for Shillong Teer

So we have told you in the state of Meghalaya, people do trust in their dreams and make the number that they used in these games. Now people can imagine their last night’s dreams and set their goals for the next day’s Meghalaya Teer game. The Shillong is such a beautiful and amazing place in India and these Teer Games make it more. I am also sharing the fun fact that sometimes Teer’s dream number gives them 100% success to guess the exact TEER target hit number. And it looks really weird when we say that there are separate dream numbers for every Teer game. But we have also mentioned the TEER Shillong Dream numbers in the below table:-

Teer Target Numbers with your Last Night Dream

Dream Hit Number House Ending
The quarrel between husband and wife 03,08,13,37,40,73 3
Bathing in the open 08,18,28,48,78,98 8
Traveling in aeroplane 23,43,53,63,68,73,83,93 3
Studying 5
Playing 00,27,40,50,57,60
Eating 01,02,05,15,17,45,75,85,95
Male 6 6
Child 2,3 2,3
Wild Pig 46
Cow,Goat or Buffalo 12,18,19,22,24,34,42,54,72,74,84,94,97
Tiger 9 9
Horse 8 8
Elephant 9 9
Turtle 9 9
Spider 6,12
Insect 37,21

Today’s Result for Shillong TEER (04 October)

There is one shift in this Shillong Teer Game that is held in the Morning and this shift highly affects on Shillong Evening game round result. So as per the TEER NEWS Algorithm if you follow the results of Shillong Teer Morning Results. Guys, you can also check the nearest number of Evening Teer Game Results. But you need to focus only on Morning Game the more money you can win on Evening Shillong Teer Game.

Date F/R (3:45 PM) S/R (4:45 PM)
04 October 2022 Click Here Click Here
Shillong Morning Teer Result F/R (10:45 AM) S/R (11:45 AM)
Click Here Click Here
Shillong Night Teer Result F/R (6: 45 PM) S/R (7:45 PM)
Click Here Click Here

Shillong Teer Common Hit Number 100% Sure

Shillong Teer common number (04 October) Tomorrow
Direct House Ending
50, 05 8 6
17, 61 7 4

Other Shillong Khanapara Teer Common Numbers FR SR Today for 04 October (Morning/ Evening/ Night shifts)

F/R: 76
S/R: 83
House: 7/9
Ending: 8/5
Direct: 94, 29, 73

Shillong Teer (Common Number):

42  61  23  11  58  73
56  48  08  47  15  41
97  43  86 1 6  56  87
31  19  72  89 13  38

Shillong Teer (Hit Number): 

54  26  63  21  69  95
57  46   84  37  91   52
32  71  81   39 15  05

NOTE:- Shilong TEER Common Number is based on Shillong Teer’s previous result and target number. So be careful while playing this lottery game as it purely depends upon your luck. There are no such Shillong TEER Public Making Number or Winning Numbers, shillong teer target house ending hit fc 24 Whatsapp and facebook are available on the internet as many websites claim.

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