Juwai TEER Result Today List 2023 FR, SR, Morning, Afternoon, Night

Today by using this article we will provide the information about Juwai TEER Result Today 30 January 2023  And the st/ 2nd Round Teer Hit Lottery Number is also available on this page. So basically we will update you about Shillong Teer Lottery Result 2023 Live along with the Winner’s Name List. And you can also check the Khanapara  Teer Result 30.01.2023 Everyone knows that today’s result of the TEER game competition in Shillong and Meghalaya has been declared on its official website. Now participants can easily check the Shillong Teer Game lottery lucky number by using the given link. Keep reading this article ahead and grab everything about this.

Juwai TEER Result Today 2023

Finally, The Shillong TEER Result Today on 30.01.2023 (Morning/ Evening/ Night) 1st, and 2nd Round is revealed here once officially declared. As per the fresh information, the result of this Arrow betting game competition is uploaded in the morning, evening, and night. Now in this First-round game in the morning revenue is at 17.30 and the second round is at 11.30. And like this revenue, in the evening the first rounds are held at 3.30 and the second round at 4.30. Its result will be declared just after the 01 minute of the game. There are a total of 50 archers that shoot a maximum of 30 arrows each in the first round and 01 arrow in the second round. The time to complete one round of shooting should not exceed 2 minutes. Teer Result Juwai Today is given in both offline and online modes.Juwai TEER Result Today 2022

Meghalaya Shillong Teer Result List – Overview

Lottery Name TEER (Juwai )
Category Lottery Game
State Meghalaya
Lottery Ticket  prize ₹300/- to ₹500
Prize Money ₹8,000 to ₹11,000
Juwai TEER Result Mode Online
Today’s Date 30 January 2023
Authorized by State Govt
TEER Result Timing Varies as per the club’s time

Night Teer Result is held in both 1st rounds 6:30 and 2nd 7:30. The category of Shillong Teer Game is as follows:

Juwai Teer Result of Today’s Games in Meghalaya 30.01.2023

First Round FR– 2:00 PM Second Round SR– 2:45 PM
38 33

Juwai Teer Morning Result 2023

Juwai Morning Teer Result – Hit Number is also known as Juwai Teer Game.

Date F/R (10:40 AM) S/R (11:40 AM)
30 January 2023 17 29

Place and Time :

This archery session is played at the Polo Ground Juwai. And there are around 5,000 Juwai Teer ticket booking counters over 11 districts of Meghalaya. So the sale of tickets begins at 10 am every day (Monday to Saturday). Despite that, you can also check out the Juwai TEER Old & Last day Results from the giver table:

What is the Juwai TEER betting game?

So mainly Juwai is located in Meghalaya India where sports and traditions meet up with dreams and betting. And Juwai TEER is like a heady cocktail which is also recognized as archery betting. This Juwai is not only a game it also TEER Archery Businesses and counters. The boards are displayed to lure the people to place their bets.

Basically, the bets are placed from number 0 to 99.  And each counter needs a permit license to function. So “TEER” is governed by the Meghalaya Govt according to the Amusement and Betting Tax Amendment. This is a traditional betting game played by thousands of people daily in Meghalaya.

Way to Choose the Number – Juwai TEER Today Result

We know guys you may two much exciting about “how do people pick the number to place the bet on?”. So on the behave of the questionnaire created by the Quint team, people do it randomly. Or they are also willing about the number and place a bet on it. So there are various methods to decide the number which is mentioned below:-

  • If you see a man in the dream then it’s number 17.
  • If you see a woman then it’s number 17.
  • Otherwise, If a man or woman is quarreling then it’s number 13.
  • If it’s an erotic dream then the number is 01.

Basically, in Juwai, people dream away and play away. So, don’t believe the random Shillong TEER Number Calculation Formula that you see over the internet. It’s all about luck just like any other gamble.

To Know about “how Juwai TEER Game is played?”

We start from the first step so the action starts at 3:30 PM while hundreds of Archers get together on the Archery playground. And these archers are paid ₹300 a day for this. A total of 5o Archers shoot 30 arrows each at the target that is 50 meters away. Now in the last step, the arrows are counted and the Juwai TEER results for the day are declared.

After that people purchase TEER Tickets overall the day. So the tickets cost around ₹300 and the winning number is awarded ₹8,000.  But guys Juwai TEER has a dark side as betting becomes an addiction very quickly. And we also tell you Meghalaya has more than 500 Juwai TEER Counters that employes 10,000 people.

The Final Juwai TEER Result is the last two digits of the total number of arrows that hit the target.

FAQs related to Shillong Teer Result Today

  • What is Shillong Teer Game Prize Money?
    To play this game, the contestant has to take a 300 to 500 rupees lottery ticket prize. After this, the winning candidate gets prize money of 8,000 to 11,000 rupees.
  • How to check Shillong Teer Result Today 2023?
    This result is declared in both online and offline mode. Therefore, all the contestants can check the score list given above in the table. To get the latest update, kindly click on the Refresh button.
  • What is Shillong Teer Result’s official website?
    The official website of Khanapara Shillong Teer is http://www.meghalayateer.com/.
  • How is Khanapara Shillong Teer Target Played?
    First, the professional Archers is shoots 30 arrows each at the target that is 50 meters away. Then the arrows are counted and the Shillong TEER results for the day are declared. The Final Shillong TEER Result is the last two digits of the total number of arrows that hit the target.
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