[IOCL] Indian Oil Petrol Pump Dealership Advertisement 2023 Date, Link

Here Find all details regarding the Indian Oil Petrol Pump Dealership Filling Station Form and Advertisement 2023 related to getting a pump.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) is one of the largest and major petrochemical companies in India. There are three major companies in India. This includes Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Gas, and Indian Oil. Today with this article, we will discuss the Indian Oil (IOCL) Petrol Pump Dealership Advertisement 2023. If anyone is interested in this petrol pump business, then Indian Oil will surely provide you with that opportunity.

Indian Oil deals in oil, gas along with petrochemical alternative energy sources. In the year 2019-20 company’s turnover was 6,67,950 Crore Rupees. It is also holding 151 ranks in the world’s largest copper rates in the Fortune Global 500 listing. Their prime objective is to become number one in the list of the world’s largest Corporations.

IOCL Petrol Pump Dealership Advertisement 2023

Today with the help of this article, we are going to share with you all the information regarding this Indian Oil (IOCL) Petrol Pump Dealership Advertisement 2023. The IOCL Retail Filling Station Dealership is available all over the Indian states. One can also get the advertisement as well as eligibility criteria in this article.

The company has also extended its business in other nations as well. This includes Sri Lanka, Mauritius, UAE, Singapore, Sweden, the USA along the Netherlands. The Indian Oil company is also administering a joint venture of 20 respective business companies. Along with this, the company also has an objective that is to broaden its business and scrutinize Global opportunities.

IOCL Dealership

Suitable Location Of Indian Oil Petrol Pump

As we all are aware that the Indian Oil deals with petrol as well as diesel retail outlets. Now the company is acquiring a suitable land area. So that they can ensure your dealership.

  • For the regular retail outlets:- For this, the company acquires a location of a national highway and urban semi-urban regions.
  • For the rural retail outlets:- It is also known as Kisan Seva Kendra. As they are situated in rural regions and not on highways.

IOCL Retail Outlets Selection Process

  • A State-wise advertisement will be published in local newspapers both in English as well as the regional language of that region.
  • If anyone finds this advertisement fascinating, then they can easily apply for an Indian Oil petrol pump dealership. After their application, the selection process is entirely based on the taken interview.
  • During this selection, procedure land is also a very essential part.

IOCL Petrol Pump Dealership Eligibility

  • Before applying for the dealership, you need to follow the eligibility standard that the company has provided.
  • Any person who is a permanent resident of the Indian nation can apply for this IOCL petrol pump dealership.
  • The aspirant’s age should lie between 21 to 55 years. The Age relaxation depends upon the conditions and freedom fighters of the company.
  • If anyone desires to inaugurate a retail outlet as the Kisan Seva Kendra in any rural region, then the minimum qualification needed is the 10th standard. In case if the candidate cannot meet the minimum qualifications then they must be able to read, write and count at least.
  • The applicants must pass their 12th standard from any recognized institution for urban areas.
  • For the Kisan Seva Kendra, the candidate must reside in that district.
  • In case if anyone belongs to SC or ST category then they can apply under the SC or ST dealership.
  • All interested Widows can also apply for this dealership.
  • The National sports players as well as sports personalities like Arjuna Award, ASIAD or commonwealth games and World Championship players, Olympic Games achievers, national-level champions, national adventure award are also eligible to apply under the reserved category.
  • The Freedom fighters are also eligible to apply under the reserved category.
  • All Paramilitary, Police, and Government personal (PMP) are also entitled to apply under the reserved category.

Indian Oil Petrol Pump Dealership Filling Station Form Partnership Eligibility Standard

  • The Entities should be registered in India.
  • Registration or incorporation of the entity should be at least three years.
  • The people need to navigate the official website to obtain the terms and conditions of the land.

Documents Needed

  • Permanent Resident Certificate
  • Age Proof (10th Standard Certificate, Birth Certificate, Passport, Aadhaar Card, Or Voter ID Card).
  • In order to prove your educational qualification, you need to submit the required educational documents.
  • Photocopy of your Bank passbook, account statement along depository receipts.
  • Redemption Value
  • Valuation certificate together with a photocopy of Demat statement.
  • The Societies and companies who desire to register need to provide their profit as well as gain in the last three accounting years that the chartered accountant has certified.
  • All Sports personalities need to attach a photocopy of the certificate that the department of Youth Affairs and Sports Committee of India has provided.
  • Any citizen who belongs to the Defense category requires a certificate that the Directorate General of the Resettlement Ministry of Defense Government of India has provided.
  • For the freedom fighters, one needs to attach the certificate or pension order that the Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India has issued.

Important Documents Related To land for Petrol Pump Dealership

  • For the land, one needs to submit the Khasra and Khatauni documents that the Revenue Department will issue.
  • In the case of a lease, there is a need for a registered lease deed for a certain period of time.
  • The Registered sale deed for the registered gift deed.
  • Lease agreement letter that government or semi-government bodies have issued.

Indian Oil Petrol Pump Dealership Filling Station Form 2023 – IOCL Advertisement

 Official website of IOCL

  • In order to apply, firstly all the applicants need to fill the application form with all the important particulars.
  • Direct Link:- Application Form PDF For IOCL Dealership 
  • During the initial period, you need to provide information regarding the location at which you desire to open the Indian Oil Petrol Pump.
  • At that location, you need to provide details of the Block name, tahsil district name.
  • After that select a category in which you desire to apply.
  • Along with providing the particulars regarding the advertisement release date for which you desire to apply.
  • For the individual applicants, you need to provide details such as your name, father or husband name, permanent address, mobile number, pin code, nationality, date of birth, educational qualification, permanent residential address, gender, and marital status.
  • Following that some questions will appear in front of your screen. You need to provide your answer in either yes or no.
  • For the next section, you need to provide details about your present business, gross income of the previous accounting year. Whether you have any kind of business experience Or are you physically/ mentally fit etc. All particulars must be mentioned in that form.

Further Steps

  • The next section is about land details. Provide details of the land at which you desire to open the IOCL dealership 2023.
  • Another section is about a nearby landmark.
  • The details of Ownership are also present in that form.
  • In case if anyone’s land is on a lease, then they need to submit complete documents of their lease deed.
  • Any applicant who belongs to SC or ST category kindly provide your details.
  • After that, you need to provide details of demand drought pay order number, rupees information along withdrawn date.
  • At last, you need to read the undertaking section carefully. If you accept it then enter your name in that undertaking. Then fill in the place, date, name, and after that sign in.
  • The candidate also needs to submit the affidavit in a standard format. This affidavit needs to be attached to your application form.
  • The affidavit will be on stamp paper of proper value as required in any Indian state.
  • The stamp paper should be bought in the favor of the concerned deponent.

Check the IOCL Official Advertisements State Wise List

Direct Link for Affidavit for Non-Individual

Also Download the:- Affidavit for Individual

The Link for- Affidavit for Entity

Also, Download the:- List of Documents

Indian Oil Petrol Pump Dealership Filling Station Security deposit

  • If anyone is selected as a dealer then they need to deposit 10000 Rupees as a security deposit. The amount is refundable.

The Facilities at IOCL Petrol Pump

  • One of the facilities is the driveway. Consequently, anyone who visits the pump can easily drive their vehicle inside the petrol pump.
  • There is a need for the salesroom. The authority will provide the structure and drawing.
  • The authority will also cover the Petrol pump area with a Mount tree wall for fencing.
  • There is a complete facility of electricity in the filling station.
  • Placement of fire extinguisher according to the norms of the company
  • Tyre Air facility
  • Facility of Toilets
  • Water facility

Commission for the dealer

  • As per the declaration of Indian Oil Corporation Limited, they will provide you a commission of Rs. 2.58 on petrol per liter along with 1.65 rupees commission per liter of diesel.

We expect that details regarding the Indian Oil Petrol Pump Dealership Filling Station Form 2023 – IOCL Advertisement are really beneficial for you. In case if anyone still has any doubt in their mind regarding this dealership, then they can ask us anytime through the comment section given below. We will surely solve your problems as soon as possible.

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  6. Hello IOCL,
    We have land available near NH3 in thane district.When advertisement will publish for dealership , please confirm.


    1. Shivarudraiah G H

      Shivarudraiah G H
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      Hello IOCL
      We have land available in Tumkur district Karnataka state when advertisement will publish for KSK petrolpump dealership

      Shivarudraiah G H mob:9880613849

  7. Hii sir I’m Shaik yousuf from telangana state I’m interested indian oil petrol pump delarship from kamareedy district pedda KODAPGAL Mondal and next narayankhed Sangareddy district surrounding 10-12 kilometres no Indian petroleum pump only one petrol pump thanks

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    Hi, I’m from Assam state village Sonaribali, I’m interested indian oil petrol pump delarship. There’s no Indian petrol pump upto 7-8 kilometers. And the highway goes towards our house. So I need petrol pump licence.. Please do something for me

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