Gujarat Eco-Friendly Light Trap Yojana Apply Online | ઇકો ફ્રેન્ડલી લાઇટ ટ્રેપ યોજના

Gujarat Light Trap Yojana 2022 | Ecotech Friendly Electronic Led Insect Light Trap Yojana | Bagayati Yojana Gujarat | ગુજરાત બાગાયતી યોજના

Welfare schemes have been issued by the Gujarat government to increase the income of farmers in the state. The Department of Agriculture and Co-operation has placed various farmer schemes on the Ikhedut Portal of the Government of Gujarat. A total of 114 schemes of the Horticulture Department are currently posted online on this farmer portal. Through this article, we will give information about Bagayati Yojana. Named Gujarat Eco-Friendly Light Trap Yojana. This tool is subsidized to farmers through the Eco-Friendly Light Trap Scheme.

Gujarat Eco-Friendly Light Trap Yojana 2022

The scheme is run by the Horticulture Department. This scheme provides assistance for crop protection in horticultural crops. In Bagayati Pako this tool is used to protect against pesticides, suckers, and pests. So that crop protection is done well. Fill out the online form for Eco-Friendly Light Trap Yojana 2022 at Ikhedut. We will get detailed information about who gets the benefit of this scheme, how much benefit is given, and what documents are required for it.

Eco-Friendly Light Trap Scheme – Objective

The scheme has been launched to provide subsidy assistance to farmers through Horticulture Scheme (બાગાયતિ યોજના ) 2022. It is imperative that farmers in the state turn to horticulture and be able to earn good money by getting higher yields. It is important to protect pests and insects from damaging horticultural crops. So modern and very low cost can bring this control. With this in mind, farmers use eco-friendly light traps (ઇકો ફ્રેન્ડલી લાઇટ ટ્રેપ). The scheme has been implemented by the Horticulture Department keeping in view this usage.

Gujarat Eco-Friendly Light Trap Yojana – Highlights

Yojana Gujarat Eco Friendly Light Trap Yojana
Language Gujarati and English
Objectives Support equipment for horticultural crops for crop protection
Beneficiary   Eligible farmers of Gujarat State
Assistance Receivable Farmers will get maximum assistance of 1400/unit if the unit cost is 8600/unit.
Official website
Last date to apply 30 April 2022

Eco-Friendly Light Trap Scheme – Eligibility

The benefit of this scheme is provided by the Farmers Welfare Department. To take advantage of this scheme, an online application has to be made from the Farmer Portal. Beneficiary farmers are eligible to take advantage of this scheme by the Horticulture Department. Which are as follows.

  • The applicant should be from Gujarat State.
  • The beneficiary should be a farmer.
  • Under this scheme, the farmer has to buy the equipment from the authorized seller.
  • The beneficiary farmer has to apply online to take advantage of this scheme.

Gujarat Eco-Friendly Light Trap Yojana – Documents Required

To take advantage of the eco-friendly light trap scheme running on Ikhedut, it is necessary to apply online. For which the following farmer beneficiary should have the document.

  1. Farmer’s copy of 7/12 land
  2. Copy of Aadhar card
  3. Caste certificate if farmer beneficiary belongs to scheduled caste
  4. Caste certificate if farmer beneficiary belongs to ST caste
  5. Ration Card
  6. Disability certificate if a farmer is disabled
  7. Copy of forest rights letter if the beneficiary is from the tribal area (if any)
  8. In the case of the joint account holder in 7-12 and 8-A of agricultural land, the consent form of other farmers
  9. Beneficiary details if the soul is registered
  10. Details of a member of a co-operative society (if applicable)
  11. Information if a member of a Milk Producer’s Union (if applicable)
  12. mobile number

Benefits of Gujarat Solar Light Trap Scheme / લાઇટ ટ્રેપ યોજના

To take advantage of this scheme from the e-Kisan portal (ઈ-ખેડૂત પોર્ટલ ) you have to apply online. The benefit of this scheme is given by the Bagayati Department, Gujarat. Support is provided for the procurement of eco-friendly light traps. The details of the benefits available in this scheme are as follows.

  • If the unit cost is 8600/unit, farmers will get maximum assistance of 1400/unit.
  • For the benefit of this scheme, it is necessary to cultivate at least 2 hectares.
  • Purchases made from authorized vendors are included in the price discovery as announced by the Agriculture Department from time to time.

Gujarat Eco-Friendly Light Trap Scheme Registration Process – Apply Online

Farmers get benefits from Horticulture Scheme under Krishi Sahay Yojana. Farmers have to apply online from the i-khedut portal. Farmers can also apply online for this scheme sitting at home. And can also apply online through VCE (Village Computer Entrepreneur) from Gram Panchayat. Following is the step-by-step information on how to apply online for this scheme.

  • For this, you have to first go to the Gujarat i-khedut portal.
  • Here you have to click on the option of “Scheme /યોજના” on the home page.
  • On clicking, a page will open in front of you.
  • From here you have to click on the link of “Horticulture Scheme /બાગાયતી યોજનાઓ “.
  • After this, you will see a list of all the schemes related to gardening.
  • Here you have to click on “Apply/અરજી કરો” in front of the option “Eco-friendly light trap”.
  • You will then be asked whether you are a registered applicant farmer? If you have registered then you will have to say “yes” and if you have not done then you will have to say “no”.
  • If you are a registered farmer, then after entering your Aadhar card number and mobile number, you have to apply by entering the captcha image.
  • And if the beneficiary is not registered on Ikhedut then he has to apply online by selecting ‘No’.
  • The beneficiary farmer will have to click on the save application after filling in the complete information in the online application.
  • After that, the beneficiary has to check the details again and confirm the application. Once the application is confirmed, note that there will be no correction or increase in the application number.
  • Beneficiaries will be able to get the printout based on their application after applying online.
    a signature will have to be issued after taking prints from the farmers.
  • Then you have to upload the required documents on the ikeedut portal.

Eco-friendly Light Trap Yojana -Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Question => Which department runs the Eco-Friendly Light Trap Scheme?
    Answer => This scheme is being run by the Bagayati Department working under the Agriculture and Cooperation Department of Gujarat.
  • Question => What are the benefits of an eco-friendly light trap scheme in Gujarat 2022?
    Answer => If the unit cost is 8600/unit, farmers will get maximum assistance of 1400/unit.
  • Question => What is the purpose of an eco-friendly light trap scheme?
    Answer => This equipment has been provided with the aim of attracting the farmers of the state to horticulture.
  • Question => How to apply for the Eco-Friendly Light Trap Scheme 2022?
    Answer => To take advantage of this scheme, farmers will have to apply online from the Ikhedut portal.
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