Benling Electric Scooter Dealership 2022 Franchise India Online Apply

Get Information on Benling Electric Scooter Dealership 2022 Benling EV Scooter Franchise India Online Apply, Investment cost, and Products

In the upcoming future, human society will face many problems like Lack of Water, and petrol, Diesel and or other troubles. But our scientists are doing many great experiments for Expands human life. And Now Electric vehicle production in India expanding very rapidly. Now Indian Businessmen who want to expand their business can now want to try the electric two-Wheeler dealership Business.

So Today through this article, we have provided the information about the Benling Electric Scooter Dealership 2022So we will share the dealership process, features and, specifications of scooters. Kindly read this article to the end carefully to grab the all things.

Benling Electric Scooter Dealership

So according to the company, there are four products that are available in the Indian market. Despite this company is mainly focusing on its new products and dealership. In order to grow company needs more dealers all over the Indian cities as well as small-town areas. Now the Benling Electric Scooter Dealership does most welcome everyone who is eligible on company terms and conditions. Because the Company CEO Amit Kumar doing a vert good effort for saying no to pollution by pollution. This line is mainly a tagline of their company. So after the launch of this company, it will gain popularity in the Indian market. Currently, the company is also dealing with their Electronic scooters like Aura, Kriti, Falcon, Icon.

Electric Scooter Dealership

Overview of Benling Electric Scooter Dealership 2022

Company Name Benling India
Dealership Available Online
Products 4
Head Office Gurugram
Official Website
Helpline Number 8240791211

Or if you are willing to become a distributor then you can also join this company as a distributor. And the company is located in Agra, Bhopal, Patna, Banglore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bathinda, and Karad.

Information About Benling Electric Scooter Dealership Cost

In this section, we have discussed the specification of products. Currently, the company is dealing with 4 main products that are present in the market. So all the four electric two-wheeler scooters with different designs and various capacities at numerous prices:-

Benling Aura Specification

Motor Power BLDC 2500W
Controller 72v Smart Controller
Battery 72V / 40AH (Li-Ion)
Charger 72V / 10AS
Fast Charging 4-Hrs (Li-Ion)
Speed 60 KMPH
Average 120km on Eco Mode
Ground Clearance 165 mm

Benling Kriti Specification

Motor Power 250W, 48V Brushless Motor
Controller 72v Smart Controller
Battery 48V/20Ah*5 (VRLA), 48V/24Ah*1 (Li-Ion)
Charger 2.5 A (VRLA), 6 A (Li-Ion)
Fast Charging 4 Hrs (Li-Ion)
7 – 8 Hrs (VRLA)
Speed 25 KMPH
Average 60km/Charge
Ground Clearance 160 mm

Benling Falcon Specification

Motor Power 250W, 60 Brushless Motor
Controller 72v Smart Controller
Battery 60V/20Ah*5 (VRLA), 60V/22Ah*1 (Li-Ion)
Charger 2.5 A (VRLA), 6 A (Li-Ion)
Fast Charging 4-Hrs (Li-Ion). 7 to 8 Hrs (VRLA)
Speed 25 KMPH
Average 75 YO 75 Km/Charge
Ground Clearance 165 mm

Benling Icon Specification

Motor Power 250W, 60V Brushless Motor
Controller 72v Smart Controller
Battery 60V/20Ah*5 (VRLA), 60V/22Ah*1 (Li-Ion)
Charger 2.5 A (VRLA), 6 A (Li-Ion)
Fast Charging 4 Hrs (Li-Ion)
7 – 8 Hrs (VRLA)
Speed 25 KMPH
Average 70-75 km/Charge
Ground Clearance 165 mm

Benling Electric Scooter – Features

  • In the all scooters having USB Port for Phone charging.
  • Many driving modes are installed like Low, Eco, Sports, and Turbo modes are available.
  • Regenerative Braking System.
  • And every point of Production anti-theft protection is installed.
  • Disc brakes
  • Start-stop button
  • Smart key
  • Parking assistance
  • Telescopic Suspensions
  • Detachable battery
  • Movable headlamps
  • Smart break-Down assistance.

Note:- Features are different from the different two-wheelers. In case you want detailed information then you have to download the product brochure from the official website. These features are just an overview.

Benling Electric Scooter Dealership/ Franchise India Online Apply

  • To the dealership, First, you need to fill the application form which is available on the official website.
  • So go to the official web portal of the company by Click Here.

Benling Electric Scooter Dealership 2021

  • On the homepage, you can see three lines on the right-side hand side on the top.
  • After that, the website menu will be open before your screen.
  • Now you have to choose the third option that is the dealership and then a new page will appear on your screen.
  • Next, Kindly click on ” Become a dealer ” and then a form will open.
  • So under this form, you have to fill in the basic details like your name, email ID, address, city name, state name, country, phone number.
  • After that, you have to provide some details that are given below here:-
    • Age 
    • Qualification
    • Investment Budget
    • Current Occupation
    • Company Name
    • Designation
    • Turnover
  • You need to fill in the all above details in the Benling dealership form.
  • Then you finally apply online so you have to wait for some time. And company officials will contact yours automatically.

Benling India Contact Details

Office number:- +91-1244-103-872

Email ID:- /

Company office address:– 291 A, Sector 6, ImtManesar, Gurugram, Haryana 122051

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