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Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme: Dhanwantari (Dial 104) Online Form

As we all are aware that India is going through the lockdown due to Covid 19 Pandemic. Today with this article we will provide you all the necessary aspects of the Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme. The healthcare department of the Assam government has launched this scheme. Through this article, we will provide you all the step-by-step process with that you can apply for this Assam medicine delivery. Along with this, we will also share the specifications of this Assam delivery scheme with many details regarding this scheme.

Assam Medicine Scheme

The Assam Dhanwantari Scheme

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic is presently uncontrollable in our nation. There are a number of individuals who are currently in critical waterways. As they are not getting essential medication in their general vicinity during this lockdown. Taking this into consideration, the Assam express government’s well-being office has initiated an uncommon plan. This is called ‘Dhanwantari’. Under this, locally inaccessible drugs will be delivered to patients at their homes. This medication is free of cost up to Rs.200. If the cost of the medicine is more than the range of 200 rupees then you need to pay the amount to the concerned officer bringing your medicine.

Overview Of Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme

Name Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme
Launched by Assam Government
Beneficiaries Residents of Assam
Aim Delivering Medicines
Official Website

Advantages Of Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme

There are a number of advantages of the Assam medicine delivery scheme. One of the major advantages is the obtainability of medications through the terms of home delivery. As we all are aware that some of the young or elderly people of the Assam state are going through certain serious diseases. There are certain medicines that are rarely obtainable in the Assam state. So it will be a very great opportunity for all those people who need this medicine in this lockdown period.

The Delivery Timings

All the medicines in the Assam state will be provided in the following mentioned time period keeping in mind their obtainability:-

  • If that medicine is obtainable within the district, then it will be provided in less than 24 hours
  • And if that medicine is available within the regional headquarters like Guwahati or Dibrugarh then it will be provided in 48 hours.
  • If the medicine is not available in Assam state, then it will be provided in 7 days.

Dhanwantri Scheme of govt of Assam

Implementation Of The Dhanwantari Medicine Delivery Scheme

The medication conveyance plan of the Government of Assam was initiated on Friday. It has developed as assistance for all individuals of Assam state. Under this plan, 104 Helpline got 260 calls within 4 hours of its inauguration on Friday. Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma wrote in a Tweet that 42 demands out of total calls have just been inclined to and prescriptions have been given to concerned patients on the same day. The brief reaction of the well-being division has provided great alleviation to all individuals in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Process to Apply Online for Assam Medicine Delivery Scheme

One can easily apply for this scheme. They just need to follow this simple process as given below:-

Dhanwantri scheme form

  • The citizens need to call on 104
  • Or one can also visit the link provided here
  • The Dhanwantari Application Form for Govt of Assam’s Home Delivery of Medicine will appear before your computer screen
  • You need to enter the following details
    • Patient Name
    • Mobile Number
    • House Address
    • Landmark
    • Name of Village or City Town
    • Pincode
    • Reason for availing of this service
  • After that carefully check all the particulars. Then click on the submit button
  • You can also provide your prescriptions through a district-specific WhatsApp number
  • Lastly, the ASHA workers and Multi-Purpose Workers (MPs) will deliver the required medicines.
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